The perfect gift for so many occasions. Sand Hill Berries’ gift boxes are packed with our own quality pantry items and can be shipped straight to your friends and loved ones with your personal message.

The seven Fancy Fruits line from Perfect Timing are beautiful linen-covered keepsake gift boxes, which feature nostalgic reproductions of fruit packing crate labels.

Looking for a more elaborate gift?  The colorful and festive fruit boxes make gorgeous, stacked gifts. They can be combined with unique products in each box.

Bottled products contain 12 fluid ounces, large jars contain eight fluid ounces, and small jars contain four fluid ounces.

Holiday Gift Boxes containing Sand Hill Berries’ products are packed in collectible linen finish keepsake boxes. The boxes are from the company Perfect Timing and are collectibles from the years past. They vary in size from three to 14 inches, cubic.

Holiday Harlequin Pattern Holiday Gift Boxes
Holiday Harlequin Pattern

For further information about each gift box, follow this link to shop.

Sand Hill Berries also makes custom gifts, including large, customized orders of business gifts. For further information, please call us at 724-547-4760.

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