This is one of my favorite local hidden gems to get some of the best fresh baked goods with the home grown Sand Hill Berries.  I highly recommend their chocolate raspberry cookies, and any of their pies.  (Make sure you AT LEAST try the raspberry!  Go early though, or order ahead…they sale out..FAST!)  They are to die for!  Also, don’t neglect trying out some of their home made vinaigrettes.  HIGHLY recommend the raspberry in this, as well!

They also have beautiful grounds you can walk around, and animals to see (be sure to stop by and see the goats–they are very friendly!).  They even have a peacock!

Jay D.
Rostraver Township, Pa.

This place is amazing! If you’re going to go, make sure you save some time to roam around. There is a market with pantry goods, candy, cookies, fresh pies, berries and more! There is also two small stands you can order food and dessert to eat there. There are also tables with umbrellas and even live music at times. The pasta salad is the best I’ve ever had, and I love that it’s made with mini shell pasta! So far, I’ve had their turkey sandwich with pasta salad, French fries, the berries and cream, and their pie with ice cream. Everything I’ve had had been great so far! The chocolate raspberry pie pairs great with any berry pie. There’s also a vineyard and winery there also. They will allow you to sample several wines and you can get a glass or a bottle. Pricing is modest and so far, everyone has been friendly!

Adam V.
Carnegie, Pa.

Sand Hill Berries is such a great spot to enjoy some good food, delicious dessert, and the beautiful weather!

They have a little food stand that offers sandwiches and sides, a winery, a little store that sells whole pies, cookies, jams and assorted products and a dessert stand where you can buy slices of pie. Everything is outdoors.

We have come a couple times now and enjoyed lunch and pie. We have had the caprese sandwich, pasta salad and pita chips with dip. Everything was delicious and flavorful. We were a bit disappointed that the beer cheese and artichoke dip was served cold.

We have had various pies and have loved each one. I love that they offer half-baked pies so that you can keep one in the freezer. The pies are perfectly balanced and aren’t too sweet. The crust is delicious too.

They have live music during the summer months which is always nice. They have plenty of outside seating and ample parking.

Katie S.
Pittsburgh, Pa.

My family & I took a trip to Greensburg to visit a family friend & wanted to partake in a “fall activity” while we were out there. We did a little researching & discovered this place. It is not the farm I was expecting, but it was really nice.

There was a bridal shower going on outside- which I wasn’t expecting. They had live music (a really good band, too) & it wasn’t overwhelmingly crowded. There is a winery right in the farm & a bakery, too. We stopped in the bakery & I picked up a small jar of homemade “Country Fruit” jam, mhm! Next, we headed over to the bakery. My dad ordered a slice of cherry pie & I ordered a slice of cheesecake with a raspberry topping. My dad loved the pie & the cheesecake was AWESOME. The raspberry topping was fresh & the cheesecake was fluffy.

We checked out the winery next. They had a large selection of wine themed gifts- & we found a few things that we just couldn’t pass up. I tried multiple wines (6 tastes are complimentary) & loved the Niagara the most.

This place is adorable- it’s not that big & it’s pretty simple, but it’s cozy & comforting & if it wasn’t so cold when we visited, I would have loved to have hung out longer & listened to the band all night.

Meaghan B.
Pittsburgh, Pa.

 This place is freaking awesome. I recommend it to anyone who hasn’t been there yet. I guarantee they will be repeat visitors. Best food, best Cheesecake, and berry pies to die for. Give it a try. You won’t be sorry.

Rhonda H.
Sun City, Calif.

Their pies and other baked goods are heaven on earth. Head over to the winery for a lovely selection to sample from. It’s absolutely not to be missed and a real treasure in the area.

Nikki G.
Irwin, Pa.