Helen's Red Raspberry Trifle
        1 large Angel Food cake
        1 package frozen raspberries (thawed)
        5 or 6 oz. Red Raspberry Claret
        2 pkg. Instant French Vanilla pudding
        1 12 oz. container non-dairy dessert topping
Mix pudding with 2-2/3 cup cold milk until thick.  Then fold in topping.  Break angel food cake into bit size pieces.  Layer cake first, then add Claret to raspberries.  Then a layer of pudding mixture, then berries.  Keep layering cake, pudding, berries.  Refrigerate for several hours before serving.  Very raspberry-y ...Claret cuts the sweetness.
Lo-Cal suggestions:  Use skim milk and dry "dietetic" topping mix with skim milk (not water).   Besides being lo-cal, this variation is N-F-N-C, and is still delicious and elegant.  Don't forget to garnish the top with a little shaved chocolate or fresh berries.